Special Thanks

Ms. Vera Guseva

She is a daughter of Svetlana Shafran. She wish to preserve and maintain the artistic and spiritual heritage of Maestro Daniil Shafran. Please look it page.
Also she is a great adviser and cooperater to my work.

Mr. Henry Huang

He is a cellist residing in Wisconsin, U.S.A. He did an editing of Biography page from my poor English. Also, he wrote a splendid essay on Shafran for this webpage.

Mr. Leon Chia

He is an editor of "FLYING INKPOT.". He permitted a link of a very splendid CD review page and made a link of my webpage to it review page.

Mr. Paul Geffen

He provided a image of the newest Revelarion CD and made a link of this webpage to his webpage.

Mr. Kensuke Sawase

He advised an impression and a program detail of Japan concert 1981, 1984.

Mr. Antoni Solé

He provided a many program copy, photo copy, broadcast recordings and video recordings. He is a great fan of Shafran. Also, He plans writing of a "Biography of Shafran". And he plans an establishment of "Shafran Society". I hope to assist his plan.